We help companies making sense of their big data.

About us

Ranalytics facilitates the complex process of data analytics through technical innovation. We have gathered an outstanding team of data analysts, developers, technological leaders, and academics who are all working for the same goal: help companies make sense of their data. We empower and help small to medium size businesses to explore, visualize and share their big data with their organization.

Our process provides you with key insights and findings that help you move your business in the right direction. We use statistical programming
languages to compute and visualize your big data. We move fast to answer your business needs in a data driven way. We give you an easy 360° access to our dynamic dashboards where you can easily analyse your big data.

what we do

Business Intelligence

We say statistical things in visuals, and shapes. Hence, we offer you a tangible representation for what you are about to invest in. Send us any type of random datasets that you deal with, we would be happy to create a customized proof of concept that will showcase the potential service we can offer you.

Data Analytics

At Ranalytics we help you and your organization venture efficiently into business intelligence. We will assist you all the way through data personal critical thinking skills to the data business intelligence skills.

Training & Webinars

Hand in hand, we will develop customized training program to help you and your organization set up and familiarize with the data analytics environment. We will guide you so you can focus on what is important. Our business intelligence experts will also help your organization by training and teaching your employees everything about data analytics: from data collection to the decision taking moment.

Facts and figures on data in organizations

of data goes unused
0 %
of time is spent on data collection
0 %
of organizations are adopting big data
0 %
of data universe is unstructured
0 %

Why are we different

Our objective is to make it as simple as possible for you to cross filter and manipulate the outcome in easy-to-understand dashboards.

We have created a connector to automate access to your data in an easy, secure, and fast way. We need no time to get set and ready to visualize your data. All of this while making sure that you do not need heavy restructuring for your information storage – our model is highly secure, and you keep full control of your datasets.

Our customized dashboards are perfect for the task. We will work closely with you to visualize the most important KPIs to your organization’s success. You can access real-time data insights securely anywhere and anytime.

Contact Us

It is always a pleasure to talk with potential and existing partners! Please reach out to us for more information, support, or to schedule a demo.

Address: Ranalytics Ltd, 01 Naxou Street Office 103, Floor 1st 2043 Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone: +357 96516351